A Guide to Divine Wholeness

Be whole
be fulfilled
Be Complete

The Book That Changed My Life

I thought if I can binge watch TV, surely I can binge listen to this audiobook instead, and get some useful knowledge inside my head. After all, it was June 2020, a year filled with events that perhaps could be a whole blog post in itself, many events, sadness, happiness, how would you describe, what word would you suggest? 

“Plant your own garden with your own daily words and decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers”

Customer reviews

Jonathan this is is excellent. You have a great speaking voice.

Paulette Shelley

This a great read. I’m personally not an avid reader of books but I am intrigued about the young girl and her mean uncle. I hope you’re not going to keep us in suspense for too long!


Outstanding, amazing capturing every moment of this so call new norm.

Hope Blye

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