A Guide to Divine Wholeness

YOU Can Change Your Life Now!

We will teach you how with 3 ways:

-Obtaining Wealth through the power of applied knowledge.

-Harnessing the power of your words and silence.

-Taking dominion and control of your life, thoughts and plans.

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Wealth is stored Up

your silence speaks



Never Giving Up

How It Works

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  • Do not settle for less while you listen daily.
  • Meditate and take inventory of yourself.
  • Speak to your subconcious to transform your conscious mind into your purpose.

Author spotlight

A father, a teacher, a poetic life coach who knows to say it, feel it, see it like you already are it, now repeat it, till you are it. Obtaining wealth is a skill that can be taught. Fulfillment, completeness and divine wholeness is a manifestation of your choices. Make the right choice and transform your life, one word at a time.

Jonathan Lilley


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