#financefridays - Mini Update - Don't sleep on bitcoin


Don’t sleep on bitcoin. And have you heard about yearn finance? It went 100 percent higher in 1 week. It has only been around for 120 days and it is 1555% higher in just that time.

Crypto is very volatile but I have found on Coinbase you can trade between the different cryptos for free, and then I make sure I put it back to the less volatile ones like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In only 3 months I am 25 percent up, and that was mostly just leaving it to sit and be passive with it, today is the first day I actually started to shift between some coins and adjust my portfolio.

You can get over 50 pounds free on Coinbase just by watching 2 minute videos and then change them for Bitcoin if you like or withdraw the money.

You can also get 100 pound free on trading 212 (this is for stocks and investing you can get dividends on this account, coinbase is for crypto).

For coinbase invite code click this link: – 

For trading 212 invite code click this link: – 

Message me for more detail.

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