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‘Motivation is like a force that can defeat the friction of life. Helping you to fly and rise, defeating even gravity, air resistance, and any obstacles in your mind and surroundings’. – Jonathan Lilley

Did you know that motivation actually comes after starting something, not before you start it? Many people wait to feel motivated to do things, but motivation can be seen to be mathematical and follows Isaac Newton’s first law of productivity/motion.

Isaac Newton states that an object will not change its motion unless a force acts on it. It is believed, if you are still/stationary/at rest you will continue to stay still/stationary, but if you are moving you will continue moving. Therefore, it is simply a matter of you to just start moving in order to be motivated. You need a force to move you, you need an action to begin your motivation.

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Motivation is essential to make things happen. Even people that seem to always be motivated can become unmotivated, especially to do the things they really need to do.

The key to becoming motivated and staying motivated is:

1) Understand what motivation is. Motivation is a reason to do something. Employers give us a reason to do something by paying us. Parents give us a reason to do something because they say we must, and we are naturally obedient and respectful people, perhaps due to the cycle of life and an inbuilt godly fear and honour for our parents.

However, this type of motivation may not be enough, there comes a time when you need to motivate yourself, you need to give yourself your own reasons for doing something, you need to give yourself strong reasons for accomplishing things. You need goals and clear manageable goals that you become passionate about. It is said you cannot change until you really get tired of being the same.

2) Understand the different types of motivation. There are four types of motivation.

– Extrinsic motivation is an external motivator, coming from the outside of us. This is when we do things because we feel obliged to, such as the relationship between an employer and an employee, but what happens when you no longer have a strong leader or boss or teacher compelling you to do things with rewards. You need to be able to motivate yourself.

– Intrinsic motivation is from internal desires and reasons, for example, many people volunteer to work at church and are motivated to do lots of charity work as the organisations goals, align with their personal values and beliefs.

Some people are led to work with people just because they believe in them and find them very inspiring and find pleasure in doing things that make them feel good. Think about how easy it is to eat nice meals and how motivated you are when someone tells you they are going to treat you with dinner. It is easy to be motivated when we find pleasure in something. But what if you could think about the long term and find pleasure in the process, find pleasure in the reason for being motivated, find pleasure in the need. Find pleasure in becoming a better you.

– Introjected motivation is also internal, similar to intrinsic motivation; however, when the tasks are not done, with the introjected motivation you start to feel guilty about it. Doing things because you feel pressured to do them is not a healthy motivator. Guilt can sometimes be seen as a key motivator but this can also damage your well-being, especially if the motivation is connected to eating better, guilt can then damage your esteem and leave you feeling less motivated and the cycle of guilt continues.

– Identified motivation is when you internally identify the reason to do something, even when the reward is not close by, and even when the activity is not always enjoyable, this motivation is ideal, as the individual understands the purpose and has decided to behave a certain way in order to achieve a certain goal. What are your goals? Start over and don’t let yourself stay stagnant without goals.

3) Set goals, have clear goals that are linked to a purpose and a passion. Even if you can’t think about what you really want to do. Just choose anything, especially helping others. Motivation comes from movement, as long as you are moving you are at least going somewhere.

4) Be positive, instead of thinking I must do this, or I will fail, instead think you are small steps and daily steps away from success. Just keep moving, just keep doing things. Understand and set small steps that make your goals manageable, especially goals unrelated to your actual goal may help if your actual goal seems too hard. By having goals to sleep early, or exercise more, read more etc, improve your wellbeing, goals to be more spiritually disciplined, setting time to put God first instead of praying whenever.

By setting goals and using an alarm clock to have dedicated prayer time and one on one God time, you will find before you know it you are motivated to do your other goals.

5) Be around motivated people and be accountable to someone. You do not need to do things by yourself. In my time in the stock market, I have learned by not watching TV as much, and changing my habits, I have managed to join Facebook groups all about investing; providing me with daily tips and chats from the Facebook community, through them sharing their testimonies and strategies this helps to keep me motivated and learn from other people’s success and failures.

By being part of the community it has opened up other sources of information, from blog posts to YouTubers very experienced in stocks and the crypto world. I have found a new toy to play with, it just so happens my new toy also makes me money and helps me to stay motivated to avoid temptation and focus on becoming financially free.

6) Be full of passion and purpose but do not obsess about your passion and purpose, enjoy your time, enjoy the process, reflect when you feel less motivated, and tell yourself, you are starting again.

Re-read your goals and plans, have them pinned on a wall that you can see when you wake up. Have an expectation to be great, and tell yourself you are great and you will achieve your goals. (Click 
here  here to read how to overcome the battle of expectations). Encourage yourself, and think about what has motivated you in the past. Perhaps you have stopped dancing and having fun, perhaps you need to be a child again that just dances for no reason.

7) Don’t wait to be motivated, you are motivation, you are able to move right now, you can act right now. And as you go into motion, remember Newton says, an object at motion will continue at motion. You will continue moving and continue being motivated as long as you just decide to move.


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