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It is often said that there are those who can do, and those who can’t, teach, but what they never realised, is sometimes you teach until you can do. I have also heard the pupil eventually beats the teacher, but what if you are the pupil and the teacher at the same time?

6 years ago I found myself in my first year of teaching, I managed to negotiate my starting salary so I did not start from pay scale 1, as I had worked at Channel 4 for many years and then had some SEN experience before becoming a teacher, however, as part of my negotiation, they decided I would also teach Financial Studies.

Looking back now I realised I was teaching things I did not at the time practice myself and I was also slightly concerned I never had the Level 2 finance qualification that I was even teaching. I decided to qualify alongside the students, this then created another concern, what if any of them did better than me?

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Of course, I actually ended up not only doing better than the students but getting 3 sets of Y10s through the curriculum in 1 year, (for 3 years back to back), when the course should have taken 2 years. This meant I had Y11s who had already passed their GCSE, so I challenged them to do an AS Level Level 3 while still in Y11. I also decided I would try to qualify with them. I managed to get my Level 3 certificate in finance as well as all my Y11s. However, I was still not practicing what I was teaching. Such as having emergency cash, good debt versus bad debt, investment options.

I now realise I was teaching the students and myself unknown knowledge that I did not know I would later be using in life. I am now making considerable profits in the stock market using the maths and finance I had been teaching. I went from a teacher who teaches because they can’t do, to becoming a teacher that now does. I literally use maths and finance to make money just using a laptop or mobile phone, from looking at the probability of different events happening and reading through company data such as budget reports, forecasts, and earnings; analysing graph trends and averages. making predictions based on trends and data. Comparing data including price to earnings ratio, assets to liabilities ratios, and dividend yield ratios whilst calculating my entry and exit strategies using percentages for possible gains or losses.

Statistics is beautiful now, whereas before I was just trying to defy the statistics set over my life, as statistically many would argue we are doomed to only reach a basic level of wealth as I grew on a council estate.

However, what if I let the unknown intimidate me that I chose to refuse to teach a subject like Finance that I wasn’t qualified to teach, what if I chose to listen to the words of my first employer in the education sector that told me I would not be able to be a maths teacher because I did not have a maths degree, what if I stayed intimidated by the unknown and life’s challenges.

How to not get intimidated by the unknown:

1) Prepare – There are many people that want to do many things, but they don’t prepare for what they are waiting on and for what they want their life to be like when they get there. I once heard don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want. You should already look the part, prepare yourself for your future.

I did not wait until I had the exam and only hope I do better than my students. I prepared for the lessons, and without knowing it I was already preparing for the exam. There’s a saying, ‘if you want to learn, teach’.

2) Change your perspective. When a challenge comes realise this is a growth opportunity, do not cower away from it.

3) Come out of your comfort zone more often to help you to not be intimidated by new situations. prepare yourself by even challenging yourself to try new things, and learn new things. What are you scared of, face your fears, go back to even the maths problem you could not once understand as a child, decide to learn how to do some of the things you have identified as your weaknesses. What are your weaknesses? Do you reflect?

4) Don’t feel inferior, by realising we are all human, and all is vanity, you can not let anything intimidate you, no weapon formed against can prosper against you unless you allow it to prosper and have power over you.

Rich people can be intimidating, people in authority can be intimidating especially as we grow up in a sense to respect our elders and this can become intimidating, especially when we feel they can communicate better than us, they know more than us, but what if you believe in yourself (click here to read how to believe in yourself.

5) Let life teach you, never stop learning, and above all learn how to increase your faith, as your manifestations in life are directly connected to the level of faith you attain. And the level of faith you attain is directly connected to your understanding of who God is; and how you get to understand him is by allowing him to teach you through His perfect will and revealed will, through his word and through his revelations given to those that are positioned and ready for such revelations.


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