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Just because people have given you a label, to wear like clothes, it does not mean you have to wear it for the rest of your life. Your name is not anxiety, don’t answer it forever.

It may sound easy for me to say, but a lot of the conditions and medical diagnosis put over us are technically opinions, and are not concrete full proof facts. You ultimately decide if you will either accept the label or if you believe the label can not be overcome.

There are studies to suggest that anxiety could be hereditary, studies conducted on new born babies, found that perhaps babies born prematurely did seem to show differences in their brain that could possibly lead to not being able to cope with the fight or flight response we all have been born with. However, the studies also suggested that premature children were at no more risk of developing depression and anxiety as there are other ‘sociodemographic factors, such as living in poverty or having a mother with clinical depression or an anxiety disorder’ that could contribute to problems later on.

The study began in 2017 and they are hoping to bring the children back, when they are 9 and 10, to test again to see if there are noticeable differences in their brains that were highlighted before.

Anxiety in recent years has been classed as a disability if the doctor reports you of having an anxiety disorder, and it has made you not be able to work for 12 months. The problem is many people do not know the difference between stress and anxiety and the triggers that cause them to feel anxious, many people also lack the strength and belief that they can overcome things, and make things happen. Click 
here to read how to overcome low self-esteem, click here to read how to believe in yourself, and click here to read how to make things happen.

Anxiety is a feeling of unease, it is when you fear and worry, anxiety is normal, unless it becomes severe and makes you incapable of carrying out everyday tasks or avoiding school, work or people; this can be signs of having an anxiety disorder.

Anxiety and stress seem to be similar, but the differences are key to overcoming them. Stress normally begins with external factors, whereas anxiety is from internal excessive worries that seem to not go away. Anxiety disorders can be treated and there are many professionals that would recommend different treatments, but I know from personal experience that things can be overcome, and it is the lack of this belief that keeps many experiencing a cycle of stress, depression or anxiety.

Anxiety and depression are also often mixed up together. Depression is a particular illness, whereas, anxiety is an ‘umbrella term that encompasses a range of more specific conditions. The most prevalent of these is generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)’.

There are many suggestions given to people about how to cope with anxiety but less information on how to overcome it.

1) Understand what anxiety is. Anxiety is a type of fear. You may need to speak to someone to help you search yourself, so you can understand yourself and your fear. Understanding the root of your fear and the triggers are essential, and this can be done by yourself right now; by just writing out what it is you fear and when you remember not having this fear, and what is happening to you when you feel this fear, what things have you done to stop sweating or feeling dizzy or getting back your appetite or getting back your concentration, or panicking or being able to unfreeze yourself, and if you can’t recognise any triggers, hold on to the fact there are mental and physical ways of tackling fear, there are solutions.

2) Understand what fear is, so you can understand what is the opposite of fear. The opposite of fear is courage, trust, calmness and faith. What do you have courage in, what do you have trust in? What do you put your faith in?

3) Replace fear with faith. Lack of knowledge, can have you believing you are in this world without any control, we can get so used to having people over us, that we live to please people, whether it be a boss, or parents. I remember getting very used to a routine that I began to feel worried about being late and would always be anxious to get to work on time or would be easily annoyed at my children when we were running late for things, it took me a while to remember, worrying about being late or acting the same way every time I was running late, did not make me get there any earlier, it took me a while to remember, you can only do your best, so don’t worry, a job is just a job, I know it provides income but if this is where you place your trust you are already setting yourself up to fail.

I remember going on holiday and realising on the plane that I was literally flying away from everything that ever held me down I was literally leaving all my problems behind. You can get away from your fear and anxiety and you can overcome it, sometimes you just need a break and to get away until you just realise nothing really matters, you are free, so be free.

4) Remember nothing really matters, a job will replace you after a week if they needed to, so why kill yourself over a job, just do your best. I know we cant get away from children or paying bills but the key is not worrying about things that are out of your control, you can not control everything, you have perhaps too much faith in yourself that you can do everything and you perhaps have the wrong belief that you need to be perfect or have to do everything. Nothing really matters, once you really understand this, you will see these battles can be overcome. Exams can be stressful if you do not realise you are in control, and you can only do your best, one moment in life does not affect your whole life, you must have faith in more than just doing good in a particular situation. If you put your faith on passing an exam and this will make everything great, this can then lead to you giving that exam too much power.

5) Take back your power by realising what you have left behind along the way, and what you have been picking up along the way. You have forgotten who you are, or you have not really been told who you are. You are carrying things you do not need to carry, it is time to let some things go by working on letting things go. Click 
here to read how to change habits.

6) Realise how your body works and what keeps it healthy, sleep is key to taking back control. Sleep right, eat right, exercise right and change how you think by understanding faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God. It may sound too simple, but you are in a world that is developing more and more conditions just because people are forgetting simple truths and getting consumed with becoming things that we perhaps do not even need to become. You do not need to be like everyone else, or please anybody else, you simply need to love yourself, and how can you love yourself, if you do not even understand yourself and if you do not understand true power, and true love. Learn to become more disciplined and have self-control by clicking 

7) Face your fears, make a note of your triggers and fears, and make little steps in stopping your fears. For example, write the hidden pains and things that you have been holding on to, let it go, tell the person or someone how they made you feel or just write a letter so you can let it out. Deal with small things, such as changing all your clocks to the wrong time, if you are someone always living by time and anxious to be places at a particular time. It is good to be on time but realise nothing really matters that much, you can only do your best, and just learn to do your best peacefully.

8) Find peace, by learning the joy of the Lord is your strength, the world and doctors can really give you some practical steps, just as I have, but if truth be told there is a deeper connection that you are missing, or you are too worried about this world too much, this world will fade, change your focus and priorities, remember there is a better place than this. Be at peace. you are great.


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