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The most asked question when I teach maths to teenagers is, ‘What is the point of this, when will we ever need this, when will we ever use this?’. This made me realise teenagers and even adults more so don’t know how to use information. Instead of us asking ‘How Can I use this?’ Students would rather sit in class with made-up minds deciding that they do not need this information, and can not use it. Do you know how powerful you can be if you simply decide to use information?

Many people sit down in church every week, hear powerful sermons, they even feel moved to run around the church, but then they leave the service and never use the message. Many people can quote many scriptures, and many facts, and know so much that is going on in the news, but they never use the information.

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Let’s look at something basic, 1 + 1 is 2. Really think about this, that means you can get one thing and another thing, and you now have 2 things, what if you used this, and decided you will keep getting one thing until you have 10 things. We also know 2 times 2 is 4. What if we really used this and realised, this means I can make something small double. Now the question should be how can I make what I have double, instead of what is the point of learning this.

So we have the power to make things double, so another question is, why are we not using the law of multiplication?

Do you realise how much information is stored inside you, imagine how many seeds that are inside you that are patiently waiting for you to do something with them, for you to plant that seed, that information somewhere, and then to water it, to use it, so it can grow and multiply.

Advertising is a 532.5 billion dollar industry, they use information to tell you what you should want. Advertising works, but why are we not using information and advertising to ourselves.

How to use information:

1) Decide that you will no longer waste information, decide you will apply one piece of information daily. In a maths lesson, you are taught new skills in order for you to apply it, of course, the problem is some then forget to apply it when they are not in the maths lesson, and therefore find it harder to recall the information, the information does not become knowledge. Turn the information into knowledge by applying it.

Now I could give you examples of how to apply the principle of addition, by spending less, subtracting less, so what you have keeps being added, decide to create a budget so you can reduce spending and save more, you could even take this further by deciding to invest it into companies that will give you a compound increase. Check out my #financefridays posts.

2) Advertise to yourself, an easy example to use information, would be to write out the information and keep telling yourself it, there was once a time we learned how to do the times table by just rote learning, repetition, what if I told you, that you can change your whole life by just changing your thoughts, and your thoughts become your actions and your actions become your character and we all know the famous quote.

Advertise to yourself by understanding how advertising works. Advertising uses associations to connect to your emotions, to then make you unconsciously want something, therefore, connect pieces of information to your emotions. One revision strategy is to imagine you are in a room, and then make items in the room be linked to things you are trying to remember, and as you walk through that room in your mind, you begin to associate the items in the room with the information that you need to learn.

3) Write your goals down and visualise them, see yourself in your goals walking full of joy, connect your emotions and desire to your goals. Have pictures or words, different types of associations around your house that advertise to you your glorious future.

4) Start to reject waste, start to hunger for change and progress, start to link information to your stepping stone to knowledge and wisdom and growth. Keep repeating the information until it is part of you.

5) Understand what information is, ‘Information is defined as data (drawn from all five senses and thought) that is used by people to make sense of the world’. Imagine if you began to decide to apply the data you have and change your world by changing how you make sense of the world.

Even look at the modern language, you have the ability to put letters together to make a word that someone understands, so you are able to build things, build sentences, and paragraphs, and stories with information, you can build your own life with information.

We have the internet that has so much information at our fingertips, what do you need to learn and apply that will change your life today? What scriptures are already inside you, that you are not applying and therefore not walking in the truth and knowledge of the reality of who you really are and what you really are capable of?

6) Make a plan and stick to it, you are one piece of information, who piece of revelation away from a breakthrough, but will you position yourself to apply the information you already have, and seek after more in order to water and nurture the information you have, so it can grow the fruits that have been waiting to grow?

7) Limit your distractions, turn off the TV, limit your phone time, until you see you are applying information that is helpful. Information has made us be able to travel, go across borders. This means information can make you run and move.

Travel with information, be transported by information, by running with it, get deep into the topic that you are being given information on and before you know it you are speaking and applying that information.

Think about how you learn a new language best, it is by being in that country and immersed with it that you speak it without even trying. I myself got immersed in financial information so much so that I now listen daily to more and more information on this particular topic, and now I apply it without even thinking about it. From learning about what money is, the truth and corruption of money, how money is changing, why banks were even set up, how different new businesses can position themselves to grow with that information, and how I can multiply and add just like 1+1 is 2 and 2 times 2 is 4, by using information.

8) Teach someone, and teach yourself by writing down new things you have learned, and journaling how you are applying what you have learned or been told. Inspire yourself with information.

Show me someone that has benefited without information, and progressed in life without applying information. Contact me, and I would love to give you, or find you precise information that can help you to achieve your dreams. But if truth be told, you need to contact yourself, as you have all you need inside of you, you have the information and power to get more information, and you now know how to apply it, the question now is, will you?


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