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Divine Wholeness

Comprised of 3 Powerful Pieces:
1) Wealth Is Stored Up For You
2) Live!
3) Your Silence Speaks…

Plus an additional **bonus piece**, as we imagine the life of a young David; running from his purpose; running from King Saul, and the words he may have spoken out to himself as we reimagine his life.
May these words help you to never give up!

Suggested Guidance: These 3 powerful poetically spoken daily devotionals are to be used by you frequently, (one devotion per week), as you will find their hearty content takes time to fully dissect and digest.

Biblical numerology dictates that the number 3 symbolises divine wholeness and completion so count it joy that these 3 pieces will require 3 weeks of incubation/will take you into 3 weeks of incubation.

Through daily listening, meditating, and answering the questions these devotions pose, using your pen, your focus, the given prayer points and your voice, you will find yourself speaking to your subconscious to transform your conscious mind into your purpose. As you transition you will start making the right choices to transform your life. Thus transporting you and positioning you into your season of fulfillment, completeness, and divine wholeness.

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Author spotlight

A father, a teacher, a poetic life coach who knows to say it, feel it, see it like you already are it, now repeat it, till you are it. Obtaining wealth is a skill that can be taught. Fulfillment, completeness and divine wholeness is a manifestation of your choices. Make the right choice and transform your life, one word at a time.

Jonathan Lilley


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